Circa 600 AD, the Followers of the Lie were a nomadic sect which became the incarnation of evil on earth within the cosmology of Zoroastrianism, un-creators ordered by the evil Demiurge, also named (in the ancient toungue of the region of the pastoral Fertile Crescent ) the silent Druj. After persecution under Islam, the cult was forced underground, manifesting itself as a secret society throughout the baazars of Arabia and the port-cities of North Africa.

Their numbers shifted as Islam supplanted the teachings of Zoroaster in the Middle East and Mediterranean, they tended then to be known by many monikers or acronyms, and they began to flaunt names within names. Among them are many tribes, an elite but expanding cult, no one knows their true numbers. Rosicrucians have rumored to be a sub-branch or strata of their inner leadership. They have claimed many others (falsely often enough) as their own to move attention away from actual members, while espousing a double doctrine : one for the neophyte, another for the cognoscenti. The inner sanctum of the Group then abandoned the old Faith as a specific target, and moved its minions against all revealed orthodoxy, all belief. The following passage, a quotation appears in one of their tracts Domus Sancti Spiritus : "...we long for a vogue of retreats in an eternity without faith, an assumption of the habit in nothingness, an Order released from mysteries, and from which no brother would claim anything, disdaining his salvation even as that of others, an Order of Impossible Salvation..."1 Is this genuine faith, or cynical deceit - and why would a Romanian polemicist be among them? It is oft said 'their ways and means are know only to Them.' Here is another quoted work, from another manifesto, Albion Perfidious, in which, among other things, the great poet Dante Alighieri is claimed as a member : "The work of the great Ghibellin is a declaration of war against the Papacy...The Epic of Dante is pure Gnostic, an audacious application, like that of the Apocalypse, of the figures and numbers of the Kabbalah...a secret negation of everything absolute...He escapes from that gulf of Hell over the gate of which the sentence of despair was written, by reversing the positions of is head and feet, that is to say, by accepting the direct opposite of traditional dogma".
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