Do what you feel is right.
Look for the answers inside yourself.
Only you can decide what to do.
Follow your heart.

Cheesy, no? Indeed, indeed. Shallow words for deep things. What they all come down to is this: If you ignore these pieces of advice, you will always feel a tension between what is and what should be. Later on, if you do something which you felt to be wrong all along, you will curse yourself (possibly with amplify damage, possibly not) and feel like a coward. This feeling makes it harder to follow your heart in future, etc etc.

Breaking out and doing what you feel to be right is... well, I've always had difficulty here when debating moral philosophy, because there's bound to be someone who feels it's right to do all sorts of wicked damage to people... but following your heart feels good. It relieves the tension of living, and while it may open you to all sorts of problems and pains, the skills to navigate these are gained in only one way...

Besides, if you don't choose for yourself, who are you going to choose to choose for you?

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