The aptly chosen name of a grocery store chain owned by K-Mart. It can be found in the Pittsburgh market, at the very least. The stores are notable for not having been renovated since the 1980's, and are usually slightly dirty. Whenever I go inside I have the nostalgic feeling like I'm eight years old again going shopping with my parents at Pathmark. The prices are relatively low and the store has an often toted advantage over its competitor Giant Eagle in that discount cards are not necessary to receive savings on groceries.

NEW ANNOUNCEMENT!!! 16.March.2006
Foodland is no more! It is very sad for me. Most of the chain has been renamed "ShurSave" and the store brand is now called "ShurFine". I was fortunate enough to spy at least one remaining Foodland on route 30. Personally, I think the new name sucks. I continue to call it Foodland while I stubbornly cling to the past.

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