Situated in Ilocos Norte, around 480 kilometers north of Manila, is the vast and luxurious hotel of Fort Ilocandia.

It was built under the command of the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos and former First Lady Imelda R. Marcos for the enjoyment of their VIP guests.

It has a complete 18 hole golf course, the construction of which was started on September 11, 1977, with the help of famous golfer Gary Player.

Nowadays, it is a resort, casino, and hotel, run by the Jimei group (a cantonese hotel firm) and judging from my last visit which ended yesterday, they aren't running it very well.

The tour package we had cost us PhP 13,260.00 (US$1:PhP54.50) which included round trip airfare via PAL (plane always late, errr Philippine Airlines I mean) crappy food and bad service.

How crappy is the food? Think street food being served in a so-called 5 star hotel, actually no, that would be an insult to street food. And dig this, what you don't finish in the lunch buffet, will surely make an appearance in the evening buffet!

The people working there are undermotivated, possible underpaid, and positively lacking in EQ or any knowhow in dealing with guests.

A half star out of five.

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