For Tejon is currently a California historical landmark about 20 miles out of Bakersfield. It was established on August 10, 1854 and first garrisoned by Company A, 1st United States Dragoons and was intended to help pacify the independence movements of native peoples living in the southern end of California's San Joquin Valley, and in the surrounding mountains.

The fort was also a stopping point for the first Butterland Stage on October 8, 1858. Less than a year prior however, a massive magnitude 8.0 earthquake had struck the area (See: 1857 Fort Tejon Earthquake) heavily damaging the installation. Fort Tejon was abandoned by the United States government on June 15, 1861 and is summararily left to rot in the California desert, although it was occupied for a short time (July 24, 1863 to September 11, 1864) by the 2nd Calvary Infantry of the California Volunteers. Fort Tejon appears to have been reabsorbed into the ranchero of Edward F. Beale and then the Teton Ranch before being given to the state in an extreme state of disrepair. As an interesting side note, Fort Tejon also housed the short lived US Camel Corps from Nov. 17, 1859 to April 1860 before they were sold.

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