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I put seeds down in the cold,
hoping they'd do something.

It was too late.
Like gestures they
only collected in the hollows;
they were an apology
after the fact of Spring,
it's true,

and the pillbugs were
eating them
after the next rain.


It was only after light
and the leaves,
the things that fed,
withered in shade
that I could see you


Soon after the artichoke

the leaf stalks were full
of earwigs.

They had been waiting
for it to die and

having carved themselves out a
hole in the dead tissue

they were fed
and they were safe


For two months the sunflowers made a safe place

The things they shaded
are gone now.

Not knowing what else to do
they piled
over the sunflowers' corpses
but the sun was still too much

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