Fragma is a popular DJ-duo responsible for dance hits such as "Toca's Miracle" (featuring Coco) and "Everytime You Need Me" (with Maria Rubia). Fragma in the brainchild of the brothers Marco and Dirk Dunderstadt.

The brothers come from the Ruhr area in western Germany, which is also the home of other famous German artists and producers, e.g. Hooligan, Marc et Claude, Moguai and Blank & Jones.

They first came in contact with dance music industry in 1993, when they started accompanying other famous DJs. In 1996 they had gradually become more and more recognized for their talents, and soon agents and promoters arranged gigs for them all over Germany.

In 1997 the brothers released their first record, "In Petto", but the 1999 album "Toca" blew everyone's expectations away. The album stayed put in the German dance chart for more than 10 weeks, and when Positiva Records licensed the track for the UK market the success was a fact.

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