Frank Anicetti runs the Moxie store, which is actually called the Kennebec Fruit Store. He will sell and ship Moxie from there to people all accross the U.S. (expensive though). There he makes Moxie ice cream and sells all sorts of Moxie-related stuff.

He designs the Moxie t-shirt, sold at his store, for the annual Moxie festival, held Julys in Lisbon Falls, Maine. The shirts come in nearly every size known to humankind, from babies to xxxxL. The line of people waiting to buy these shirts on parade day goes halfway up the street, but whatever is left is sold for the rest of the year (and in fact until they're gone).

Note that the Monarch Corporation, which owns the Moxie brand, does not advertise for Moxie or sell Moxie related products (though it recently came out with several summer items with the Moxie logo to give to stores who purchase large ammounts of Moxie). The only places you can get Moxie products is from the New England Moxie Congress, buying vintage, or at Frank Anicetti's Moxie store.

Smart guy, loves to talk.

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