The following is a summary of the article "Monkeys the new weapon of Paris gangs" by Jon Henley of Guardian Unlimited (

Attack Monkeys now Weapon of Choice of Paris Gangs According to French authorities, because the government has banned Dobermans, Rottweilers, and other dangerous dogs, French street gangs have been forced to choose another animal to scare their opponents: attack monkeys. These monkeys are very fashionable in Paris, and the kids take good care of them, but they can be dangerous. The monkeys have been illegally imported from Africa through Spain and are known for their strong bodies, strong jaws, and their agressive tendencies. They are normally very peaceful monkeys but their natural habitat is deserts in Africa and according to the natural history museum, when they are out of their natural habitat they can be very irritable. With monkeys being the "weapon of choice", monkey fights are common in tower block basements in Paris.

Paris' Growing Monkey Control Problem Their have been dozens of reports and calls to local police stations and animal control agencies with people wanting to know how to deal with violent monkey attacks or how to get rid of them. None of the zooswant the monkeys because they have grown up out of their natural habitat and will not live with other monkeys. Paris animal homes are now being filled with over 40 monkeys in 18 months.

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