L'argot. Also see: verlan.

A small selection:

  • baiser - to fuck. "Je veux te baiser"= I wanna shag you. "Baise-toi!" = fuck off. Note: the dictionary probably says this means to kiss - don't use it as such unless you want serious misunderstandings.
  • bander - to have a hard-on. "Je bandes", "Je bandes pour toi" and "bandeur". Also débander, the reverse, commonly used as an insult - "tu débandes?" means 'are you chicken?'
  • les bloblos (f)- big, fat, droopy boobies.
  • bosser - to work (at your job).
  • bourré(e) - pissed blind drunk.
  • branleur, branleuse - wanker. Also branlage, (wanking) se branler (to wank)
  • casser la gueule à quelqu'un - to beat the shit out of someone
  • cette putain de machine - this fucking machine. Can refer to anything, but handy for geeks.
  • la chiasse - the shits, diarrhoea. Also chier, to shit, and les chiottes, the bog (Yankee can)
  • le clito - fairly obvious
  • le con - cunt, or female genitalia. Also connard as insult or connasse.
  • les couilles - balls
  • le cul - arsehole.
  • de merde - fucking, used as an intensifier, as in "putain de merde!"
  • les doudounes - tits
  • la drague - cruising (gay men) as in "faire la drague"
  • déconner - to fuck someone around, or trick them. "Sans déconner?" = No shit?
  • emmerdant - annoying. As in "Que tu es emmerdant!"
  • enculer - to bugger. "Va t'enculer!" = bugger off.
  • fils de putain = sonofabitch
  • le flic - cop
  • le foutre - sperm, jizz
  • foutre - to fuck up. "C'est foutu" = it's fucked, done for. NB not used now to mean having sex(see baiser)
  • gerber - to puke
  • la gouine - lesbian, dyke
  • jouir - to come, in the sexual sense
  • le keuf - analogous to the London phrase for a cop "the filth"
  • mec - man, as in Hey man. "Alors, mec!"
  • merde - shit. merdeux = shitty.
  • une meuf - a woman. Verlan slang; femme reversed.
  • nique ta mère - Fuck your mother.(insult, not serious!)
  • l'oignon - arse.
  • la pipe - blowjob. "Faire une pipe" to give a blowjob.
  • pipi - "Faire une pipi" - to have a wee.
  • pisser - as above.
  • pouffiasse - bitch, whore. Insult.
  • putain - whore, but also used as a general interjection, as in "putain de merde"
  • péter - to fart.
  • ramoner - to screw, fuck
  • salaud - bastard. Salope for a girl.
  • le zizi - willy.

Nobody I know uses that slang. That's lame standard French, which is used by people in France. "putain", "mec", "meuf", that is *so* France. Here's some slang for Real Men (Quebec slang) (Warning: parental guidance suggested):

  • criss: General swear word, put randomly into sentences. Not very offensive.
  • ostie: General swear word. About as offensive as "damn".
  • tabarnac: Another general swear word. Almost as offensive as "fuck". By the way, these first 3 are derived from names of things in church: blasphemy was offensive in the past.
  • marde: Shit.
  • foque: Exclamation expressing dismay. Taken from English "fuck", but not nearly as offensive.
  • foule: A lot. Taken from English "full".
  • hotte: Awesome, kickass. Taken from English "hot".
  • coche: Cop.
  • trou de cul: Asshole.
  • cave: Idiot.
  • con: Idiot.
  • fiche: Idiot, sucker.
  • buter: Beat up.
  • fourrer: To fuck, in the sexual sense, or to screw up.
  • bouffe: Food.
  • crisser le camp: Move, leave.

    Example uses:
    L'ostie de criss de char de merde veut pas partir, criss de tabarnac!: The goddamn shit car won't start, fuck!
    Foque de merde! C'est les coches! Crisse ton camp, ostie de con!: Damn shit! It's the cops! Get out of here, you fucking idiot!
    Maudite merde qu'y est hotte c'te char là!: Shit, that car is awesome!
    Mon ostie de frère, y'est foule cave.: My goddamn brother, he's totally moronic.
    Y a fourré ma blonde!? J'vais le buter, le tabarnac de trou de cul! Ostie, là y'est vraiment dans marde.: He fucked my girlfriend!? I'll kick his ass, that fucking asshole! Damn, now he's really in the shit.
    L'ostie de fiche, y'a tout fait crisser le camp à terre pis tarbarnac, là ma bouffe est pus mangeable.: That damn idiot, he pushed everything on the floor and fuck, now my food is inedible.

    I'll add some more when I think of them :).

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