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     do you
      do you real y

      is it love
        who can tell

     i said  i see
  my blood all over you
          it s a gift

                                                    in essential
                 i may yet up an trudge away            gone

                                 what do we have
                                 y our black ness
                                     my shadow
              this is                   pink & tiny & drunk
              no place to fall from    i worship you

      i only want                              the day
       my life                            crushed  shaking
               &you            do i go then

                                    rain leaves
                                       the spring

                                  power leaves me
                                    weak will ed

                                      an ache

When i couldn't say anything i rearranged the magnets. That's all. They were in front of everyone, but mabe it wasn't read at all.

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