From wax to wane,
From rise to set,
From fall’s first swirl of dead leaves that dance about streets and lawns to a silent song of loss,
to the mad green push past thaw muck into the wet redolent spring air.
From the white shrouded sterile sleep of frozen leaden gray winter days,
to the explosion of growth, rampant life, wilting heat, and glinting stars of perfumed summer nights.
Over and over again till Karma no longer sets us down to search for one another.
Over and over again till the earth is dust and the universe spins itself apart.
I am yours, body & soul,
Till death do us pause…
And then I will look for you,
in flesh,
wood & stone.
In rivers and oceans,
abroad and at home.
As energy I will seek you,
as light,
as sound.
Back and fourth across existence
until again you are found.

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