These accidents occur most commonly whilst on moving objects e.g. a bicycle, or when around hard immobile objects/surfaces e.g. swimming pool. The avulsion of a front tooth is a very traumatic event, and is an indication of the magnitude of the force with which the tooth was struck.

What to do if: -

The kid is less than 6 years old:
It is a baby tooth. Do not replant the tooth. If you do, you risk damaging the underlying adult tooth.
Give the tooth to the Tooth Fairy.

The kid is more than 6 years old:
Attempt to replant the tooth asap. If it has dirt on it, give it a gentle wash in some milk, or contact lens solution - but try not to handle the root. The tooth will actually click back into place.

You MUST now go see your dentist.

If you think you might not put it in the right place e.g. if both of the front teeth were avulsed and you can't tell left from right, keep in a solution (not water) like milk, or contact lens solution or under the tongue. Water is not isotonic with the periodontal ligament cells around the root, will cause lysis of these cells that vital for survival of the implanted tooth.

The kid is 6 years old:
Probably has no front teeth.

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