Once I was hanging out with some friends at our mutual friends house. We had heard from our science teacher (yes, the class title was Science) that pickles would glow if they were electrified was passed through them. (No not all the pickles at once, just one at a time). So we had planned an evening to test (more to prove wrong) our science teacher. Our mutual friend's dad had build an AC voltage transformer when he was in Boy Scouts 25 years ago (he was old school Boy Scouts, but not the last).

He offered this to us to use to make a pickle glow.

So we plugged it in one of those switchable outlets everybody has in their bedroom and doesn't know what to do with except for one lamp (and inevitably plugs their alarm clock into and turns the switch off and makes them late for school/work/a date). Thiw was our safety measure. (And that was it.) We plugged the transformer into an extention cord and plugged it into the infamous switched outlet. The switch was off. We haphazardously used electrical tape and 2 paperclips to make sort of probes with the paperclips. We inserted into opposite ends of the pickle the probes. And when the switch (that controlled the switched outlet) went on . . .

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