Preaching the full gospel since 1997, Pastor Tammy Lynn has a very unusual method of assisting Pastors and followers in working out the sexual problems that are usually associated with becoming a single devotee of their faith.

By following the example set by Mary Magdelene, Pastor Tammy is "a kind, understanding Christian woman who provides much needed services to the clergy with class and discretion."

According to her Ministry, In the Old Testament the Bible describes the abomination of *TEMPLE* prostitution and compares an unfaithful Israel with a harlot. Let's take a look at the Hebrew and what it means: A Harlot is "zanah" and "qdeshah" the first Hebrew word meaning idolatry in the feminine form, and the latter, which means literally a female devotee of pagan/heathen religion (Canaanite, Babylonian, Sumerian) which flourished at that time. The "zanah" form is most frequently used when talking about an unfaithful Israel and qdeshah specifically refers to the female devotees (temple prostitutes) of a pagan religion. No wonder God forbade this!!! (Duet. 23:17, Prov. 9:14) God certainly WAS NOT speaking of selling sexual favors. In fact, God APPROVED of the sale of sex among Israel. (1 King 11:3)

Pastor Tammy and the Full Gospel Ranch provide a full service including cocktails, massage and a bubble bath with Pastor Tammy in her large Jacuzzi bathtub, charged by the hour. This offer is good only at her double-wide in Dallas, where she also has "an exciting playroom filled with toys for the pleasure of her Godly clients."

More information can be found about Pastor Tammy and her Ministry at

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