Full Sail Brewery is located in downtown Hood River, Oregon. They are one of many micro breweries in the US. Full Sail is employee owned. They brew and bottle in a warehouse in downtown Hood River, Oregon, letting the smell of Hops drift up through the downtown area. All of the beer batches are hand mixed and made. They have about 10 very large copper kettles that they brew in. Only the bottling and packaging is done automatically.

They make winter, pale, and amber ales, as well as some holiday beers. Their beer is nothing special as far as micro brews go, but it is several times better then canned Budweiser or Miller. Occasionally, they have won awards for seasonal brews. Since 1987, they have been making beer, and eventually moved into a large warehouse next to Humanities Software. The brewery is also noted for donating the under-fills to the local volunteer fire department for fundraisers.

They closely monitor the amount of beer put into their bottles, as cheating the customers is never a good policy. Like many breweries, they use an electronic system. As the bottles exit the capping machine on a conveyor belt, an LED is shined through the top of the neck of the bottle. If it is detected by a sensor, the bottle is tagged, not labeled, and recycled, or donated to firemen, who are actually very careful about drinking while on duty.

I picked up most of the info from osmosis, spending time around the firefighters. For the product info and technical stuff, I looked on the company's website.

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