FurNation is one of the big furry art archives, run by Nexxus, acting mostly as a "Furry GeoCities". Founded 1997. They provide web space for furry artist for storing images and things like that.

FurNation is mostly uncensored - this was one of the founding ideas of the archive, as a friend of Nexxus was worried about their ISP's response to the pictures. While some archives (like yerf.com) only allow art "for the whole family", FurNation has never had any restrictions on yiffy art, and, like VCL, no required quality limits either.

There have been cases when FurNation was forced to remove art from user pages.

FurNation doesn't have an art indexing scheme; it's intended for websites only. This does have certain drawbacks when trying to navigate, but oftentimes, it works.

FurNation also operates search engine called FurSearch, and publishes a newsletter and a magazine (imagine my amazement when I saw the newsletter being advertised in one of Everything2's banner ads =)

FurNation has also suffered severe downtimes; while all other furry art archives run on UNIXes of various sorts, FurNation is being run on NT and IIS. Also, more recently, FurNation has been down due to art piracy (for precisely the same reasons YiffNet was taken down).


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