Movie featuring Demi Moore as a woman who attends the Navy Seals training camp. She has to stand up to a lot of prejudice and just plain sabotage. In the end, (of course) the "Trainees" end up going on a real mission, where she saves the life of the man who stood in her way.
Everybody's favorite part seems to be when Demi Moore says the words "Suck My Dick".

G.I. Jane is a bodyweight exercise combining a burpee and a pullup. This is sometimes called a burp-up, which is what you'll be doing if you hit this hard enough. Have the puke bucket nearby or do this outside.

The movement is simple enough.

  1. Get under a pullup bar.
  2. Do a burpee.
  3. Grab the bar at the top of your jump instead of clapping your hands.
  4. Finish the pullup. Try for chest-to-bar if you're not a wuss.
  5. Drop back down.

Do not be concerned with the height of the bar. Ideally, it should be roughly a foot above reach, but a little bit lower or higher won't hurt.

The prescribed amount of G.I. Janes for a workout is 100. Scale up or down as necessary.

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