The Gashaus was one of the best spots to get a late-night cup of coffee and sit around with an eclectic collection of freaks and geeks in downtown San Diego.

After work I'd head down to the Gashaus to write HTML pages, talk to folks I'd never get the chance to meet, and have philosophical discussions on things ranging from the nature of light to why I don't have the entire internet on my laptop.

The coffee house was right in the middle of downtown San Diego. The room was filled with artwork from local artists, some of which was amazing. The furniture looked like cast-off junk from the dump. The furniture ranged from couches, loveseats and wingback chairs to standard tables and chairs. The walls were painted by someone who decided to stop halfway through the job. The place looked like a converted dance studio.

I met some astoundingly intelligent folks there, several of which formed a non-profit group for promoting art, music and talent in San Diego. I helped design their website and donated web space to their cause.

The owner of the Gashaus was a bit of an idiot. He had the place completely filled by weirdos drinking endless supplies of java. He then decided to change the name to Clayton's and try to lure the Yuppie crowd. We would go there for coffee, and there would be only two people playing pool. He must have lost his shirt, and there was a push to get the Gashaus back from the dead. Hopefully, it will rise once more from the ashes of Clayton's folly.

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