Gen"tile (?), n. [L. gentilis belonging to the same clan, stock, race, people, or nation; in opposition to Roman, a foreigner; in opposition to Jew or Christian, a heathen: cf. F. gentil. See Gentle, a.]

One of a non-Jewish nation; one neither a Jew nor a Christian; a worshiper of false gods; a heathen.

⇒ The Hebrews included in the term goyim, or nations, all the tribes of men who had not received the true faith, and were not circumcised. The Christians translated goyim by the L. gentes, and imitated the Jews in giving the name gentiles to all nations who were neither Jews nor Christians. In civil affairs, the denomination was given to all nations who were not Romans.

Syn. -- Pagan; heathen. See Pagan.


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Gen"tile, a.


Belonging to the nations at large, as distinguished from the Jews; ethnic; of pagan or heathen people.

2. Gram.

Denoting a race or country; as, a gentile noun or adjective.


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