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Original cast member of Saturday Night Live.

What? You've never heard of him? Well, maybe that's because he was only a cast member for the show's early episodes -- back when the title was still Saturday Night and the Not Ready for Prime Time Players weren't household names -- and weren't expected to be.

Coe was a middle-aged character actor whose credits included the soap opera The Doctors. His "hip" credentials came from National Lampoon, which had hired him for some of their productions.

Coe's job was to play older characters in the SNL sketches. But it quickly became apparent that the rest of the cast could play older people just fine, and Coe was left without a role on the cast. He appeared a few times but was dropped by the second season.

Don't feel bad for him. Coe went on to a very busy career in movies and television. In fact, he's still alive! Among his recent roles: Byers' father in The Lone Gunmen!

Sources: Saturday Night, by Doug Hill and Jeff Weingrad (1986)
-- The omnipresent IMDb

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