I’m sure you’ve all heard the Taco Bell $2 bill story. Here’s another fascinating tale of human stupidity and funny money.

In Danville, KY, a customer rolled through the drive thru at a Dairy Queen. When he paid the cashier for his $2 order, he gave her a $200 bill. The bill was the right color and size, but I don’t need to tell you that the numbers were a bit off. Not to mention the portrait of George W. Bush on the front. Or the depiction of the White House on the back with yard signs saying things like "We like Broccoli."

One would think the gag would end there, with either a laugh or profanity from the cashier. But no, the cashier actually gave the man $198 in change. Real cash, the legal stuff. Someone eventually noticed the mistake of the now hopefully unemployed cashier and called in the local po-lice.

Here’s the best part: If the cops ever find the customer, he cannot be charged with counterfeiting. There is no $200 bill, of course, so he wasn’t actually forging anything. Unlike the cashier, somebody was actually thinking, it seems. He will be charged with "theft by deception" if he is ever nabbed, however. No word on whether or not the cashier will be charged with gross stupidity or diluting the gene pool.

This is presumably a true story, not an urban legend. I read the news report about five minutes ago.

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