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Georgia Satellites is a band who had limited success when their album (self-titled) was initially released. Headed by lead singer/guitarist Dan Baird, they sported a rock-a-billy sound, and received some airplay with their single Keep Your Hands to Yourself.

The follow up album flopped rather quickly. They released two albums that the no one didn't much care for, Open All Night, and In the Land of Salvation and Sin. Both later albums were dropped by their record label, and the Satellites were pretty much unheard of until the video "Keep Your Hands to Yourself" was initially played on Beavis and Butthead.

Sales of the Georgia Satellite's lone available album suddenly picked up once Beavis and Butthead proclaimed the video as being "cool", however, the marginal sales they saw did not do much to further their career.

The Satellites grouped together, sans Baird, to release an album, Shaken Not Stirred, but this saw as much success as the previous two albums. Baird, in 1992, gained radio play through his single hit I Love You Period, which was quite possibly the only song ever to use punctuation as a means of expressing love.

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