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Gevalia is a company which produces gourmet coffee or Kaffe as they spell it. Unlike normal java whose beans come from many places south of the United States, Gevalia's products are all made in Sweden. Gevalia is well known for its mail-order service where one can sign up to receive coffee in a set interval by mail and in return that person receives a beautiful coffee pot free.

"Gevalia Kaffe, purveyor of fine European coffees, has been satisfying the tastes of coffee connoisseurs for generations. Built on a tradition of fine craftsmanship encompassing over 140 years, today Gevalia offers more than 30 varieties of coffee and 13 varieties of tea. This wide selection allows Gevalia to suit the various personal tastes, moods, and desires of even the world's most discriminating coffee and tea lovers. Gevalia is available in the U.S. at www.gevalia.com or by calling 1-800-GEVALIA. Coffee and tea connoisseurs can customize and choose which blends, roasts, or origins to order. Each coffee is vacuum-sealed and packed shortly after roasting to ensure the highest standards of quality, and express home delivery makes it easy for Gevalia to be enjoyed as frequently as desired." (Gevalia.com)
Personally, i've joined the Gevalia mail-order service three times and cancelled within about three-six months in order to keep receiving free coffee pots. The coffee is delicious and tends to give me a higher boost of caffeine which all noders would surely love. However, the coffee does have a different taste to it then your traditional Folgers or Starbucks brand which may turn someone off to Gevalia initially. As time goes on, you will truly appreciate the gourmet, European blends whenever you try your regular coffee again as the pick-me-up and taste is lacking. If you want to try a new outlet of caffeine then try Gevalia Kaffe, or if you are happy don't.

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