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The Gewehr 43 (G43) was a semi-automatic rifle developed by Walther for the use by the German Wehrmacht during World War II.

The rifle came to supersede the flawed Gewehr 41 after combining the G41(W) with captured russian self-loading rifles. The G43 was much cheaper and faster to produce and was lighter and easier to reload. As a result it was a popular weapon among the troops. Many short-cuts were incorporated into the manufacturing process. Sometimes even wood laminates and plasitc furniture were used.

G43 was a preferred sniper weapon and was fitted with the Zielfernrohr 43, also called ZF 4, scope with a magnification of 4x. The weapon could use the Schiessbecher device for firing rifle grenades and could use a Schalldämpfer silencer.

The Gewehr 43 was excellent in its sniper role and stayed in service for the Czech army for several years after the war.

In 1944, there was a carbine version created under the name Karabiner 43.

Caliber: 7.92x57mm GPtr.
Clip: 10 Rounds.
Rate of Fire: 30 Rounds Per Minute.
Action: Semi-Automatic, Gas operated.

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