Ghena Dimitrova was a Bulgarian dramatic soprano. She was born in 1941 and she passed away in 2005. She is most famous for her performances of the role Turandot, in the opera of the same name by Giocomo Puccini. The role demands a dramatic soprano voice of enormous stamina with clarion top notes.Throughout 1980s Dimitrova owned this role, together with the Hungarian soprano Eva Marton, and gave acclaimed performances especially at La Scala and Verona. She had a perfectly integrated voice, with no registral breaks. Her tone was ample and secure (upto a high D), yet she could also sustain refined pianissimi that proved her immaculate technique.Next to Turandot, she specialized in the dramatic roles of Verdi and Puccini including; Abigaille (Nabucco), Lady Macbeth, Aida, Tosca as well as theĀ  heroines of verismo opera.

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