Ghost hunting fast became one of the prime activities my best friend and I embarked on during bored summer nights, some of the following things we found essential in out ghostly pursuits:

1. Dunkin Donuts (lovingly known as 'Dunkies') medium french vanilla iced coffee.
2. Our last five dollars for gas.
3. General boredom.
4. Spooky places to go. ( Massachusetts is great for this -- battle fields, old houses, abandoned mental institutions abound)
5. Over-active imaginations.
6. Jobs that you don't really care about. (This so you can come in dead tired the next morning because you scared yourself too much to sleep)
7. The change under the car seat for another french vanilla iced coffee.
8. Pages printed up from various ghost journals online -- just to be accurate.
9. A good fast car - so when the people who own the spooky house you've been ogling come and yell at you, you can get out of there good and fast.
10. A good excuse - in case the car isn't fast enough. (i.e. police don't take kindly to two youngins' snooping around neighborhoods and abandoned mental hospital wings)

It's all in good fun though. Enjoy!

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