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The following is a dialog that passed between Athena and me in the car, on the way home from day care when she was about 2 1/2. It was the result of her father and me attempting to get her to sleep by herself, in her own bed.

Athena: Mommy, what if I wake up and there's a ghost under my bed and he scares me? Can I come into your room and sleep in your bed?

Me: Athena, there's no ghost under your bed...

Athena: Yes, I know, I'm just talking about it - what if there is? I'll be scared.

Me: Well, what if the ghost is scared? Who will comfort the ghost? Who will he sleep with?

Athena: Oh... his mommy!

Me: What if his mommy is not around? Maybe you should comfort the ghost. Then neither of you will be scared anymore.

Athena: Oh... maybe that's true. Look - the ghost is holding my hand... he likes me!

Me: He's here?

Athena: Yes, see? He's holding my hand. Mommy, you hold his other hand. See? He likes you too.

Me: Does he have a name?

Athena: Ghost, what's your name? He said it's Jimmy. His name is Jimmy Griffiths.

(This is the same Athena that features in Mofaha's The Queen of America.)

P.S.: I am not Mofaha.

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