The company formed from Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz, Egon Spangler, and Winston Zeddemore after their victory over Gozer in 1984. Home to more than 60 brance offices in 3 different countries, GBI has has it's ups and downs as a company, but remains intact despite several shakeups at the franchises (and a few near Armageddons). Dr. Venkman is still the president of the company, just as Dr.'s Stantz and Spangler are the heads of research and development. Winston runs the GBI training lessions whenever new franchises are formed.

It is also the name of the West End Games roll playing game released originally shortly after the first movie came out, and released after the second movie's arrival on the scene. A fun little game, it allowed many people to pickup where their favorite movie left off. I refuse to comment if I was one of those people. ;)

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