Giant robot of future: n. A large robot from time greater than present on an absolute scale

In the beginning when time machines weren't invented yet, giant robots roamed the sky and water.

They foretell of a time when trees grew to enormous heights. Giant robots climed the trees to get into space. They had to jump vey high when they reached the top to actually get into space, space was very high up.

Pines trees were banned because totalitarian dictatorship wanted all the trees to build masts for ships to sail on water. Pine trees were chosen for building masts because they were strong like nanofibres, but big unlike nanofibres, and natural growing.

Heroes were unlike at that time, plus the time was unrememberable. They helped the giant robots, the giant robots helped them to fight enemies. They still help heroes from time to time even in this day. Their stories will be unvailed as they are very interesting.

Genies were the products of the open source revolution. They come from the dry land beneath the water, also home to the lobster gods. Genies granted the wish of the lobster gods to make them to become lobsters, they were not lobsters yet when they wished for the wish but they became lobsters after the genies grant them the wish. Lobsters can grow vey big, so lobsters wanted to become lobster gods. But what lobsters were before they asked for wish and become lobsters was unrememberable.

Genies were the products of the open source revolution. They come from the dry land beneath the water, they can be reprogrammed to do stuff because they are open source, but if they want to reprogram, they have to know very difficult programming language, it was not very easy to learn. In the dry land beneath the water, broadband connections were very good so it was easy to reprogram the genies, but programming language was very difficult to learn so it was actually very difficult to reprogram the genies even though the broadband connection was very good in the dry land beneath the water. It was a carefully crafted lie to make people want to go through the water to the dry land beneath the water to attempt to reprogram the genies. A lot of people died while trying to go through the water, most people cannot breathe in the water and water was very deep and large so many people die beacaue they cannot breathe.

People were the general populace, they were very dumb like all eternity, some were very smart but average was very dumb. General populace was very big in number, they were so big that details about the general populace was not very exact. Remembered parts say they were different types of general populace, again details were not very exact. Their stories will be unvailed as they are very interesting.

There are a lot of stories to be told. Giant Robots and Heroes and Totalitarian Government and Lobster Gods and General Populace (and sometimes Genies when they were found out) did not live all the time in peace, they say peace is boring so they attempt to kill things and attack and defend. Variation from some to a lot of them die from time to time while they attack and defend, this makes the stories very interesting. Genies do not die because they are immortal, but most others die, although general populace was not sure because general populace was very big in number and details about them were not very sure.

Giant robots also die but they can be put back together, some say they have souls and these souls are more immortal than the genies but this concept is very highly controversial because immortality was a very contoversial subject also. The most controversial being immortality whether or not it can be greater than the time after the Big Crunch. At the Big Crunch the Universe also dies and some critics of immortality say it is impossible to live when the Universe dies, some say it is possible beacause it is an inherent property of immortality.

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