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Gin with Mara

I was tired of running away
There was no where left to hide

So I sat down
To play gin rummy
With Mara

I had run so far
I didn’t have many cards left
Only 3

Mara said, “Keep them”
She pulled a deck from her sleeve
Let me cut
She took three cards

I played curiosity
She played grief

I knew Mara would let me run
But I would lose, again

I was plunged
Into the place I had avoided

A well
I thought I’d drown
As the waters closed over my head

This game is played over days
Even years

I played strength
Mara played shame

I fought
I struggled
I writhed

I played tenacity
Mara smiled
She played fear

I was trapped
My heart trembled
My mind clamored
Tried to escape from my skull

I had no cards
Draw,” said Mara

I drew
I looked at my card
I played despair
Dark, dark
I sat
I sat
I sat

Mara played want
Mara played vulnerability
Mara played

Dark, dark

Mara played joy

I stared

Mara said, “You lost the cards as you ran,

I touched her hand
She dissolved into me
The cards all falling about us

We picked them up
And went on

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