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Despite its sort of deceptive name, the Giro SwitchBlade is a bicycle helmet. The SwitchBlade is named because it can be converted from your traditional helmet into a full-face helmet. It has little screw holes near the back of the helmet that let you screw the faceplate on, with an included allan key. It also features a RocLoc 3 system. This is basically the name of all the features that make it fit better on your head.

RocLoc 3 Features:

Your standard helmet connector. (You know, the one that goes under your chin)
Grip Zip, This is behind your head it allows you to make the back area where the straps are larger or smaller.
Little thingies under your ear these form a Y with the other straps, this helps to hold the helmet not only on your head, but to make sure it doesn't shift forwards or backwards.

I can't remember the technical names of these, as I lost my manual, and Giro's site is rather lacking on Technical information. There is also a RocLoc 4 out there on a new helmet, not sure what all that entails.

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