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In White Wolf's RPG Werewolf: The Apocalypse, the Glass Walkers are one of thirteen tribes of werewolves. The distinguishing feature of the Glass Walker tribe is their relative comfort with cities, technology and humanity.

The backstory of Werewolf:The Apocalypse describes the world as a battle between the werewolves, who represent Gaia, and the servants of The Wyrm, who seek to defile Gaia. Humans are easily corrupted by The Wyrm, and technology and urbanization are one of the major tools that The Wyrm uses. For this reason, most of the werewolves treat humans, cities and technologies with something between suspicion and murderous anger. The Glass Walkers, however, have adjusted to their human sides, and have been living in cities since the inception of human urbanization. In recent years, this has led to them crossing advanced technology with their natural magic, and producing what could be described as werewolf cyberpunk magic. Although these innovations have been very helpful to the werewolves' battles against The Wyrm, the rest of the werewolves still view the Glass Walkers as being somewhat suspicious, because they sometimes exist in a state of truce with the corruptions of the city.

Although it might seem somewhat silly from the viewpoint of 2009, I still think that this is the type of imaginative material that made White Wolf so great. Werewolves that live in cities, pose as scientists and businessmen, and then turn into spirit forms and go on astral journeys via their modems! It was, at least, more innovative than much of what was happening in RPGs at the time. And of course, since this was coming from White Wolf, all of the descriptions of the Glass Walkers and their ways was very well executed.

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