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Go-Nijō (12851308) was the 94th emperor of Japan, according to the traditional chronology, reigning from 1301 until his sudden death in 1308.

Born Prince Kuniharu, Go-Nijō was the eldest son of Emperor Go-Uda and the grandson of Emperor Kameyama, and was thus a member of the Daikakuji or "junior" line of the Imperial family that descended from Kameyama.

Go-Nijō was supposed to become emperor following the reign of his cousin, Emperor Fushimi, who was a member of the Jimyōin, or "senior" line of the Imperial House, but Fushimi broke an agreement to alternate reigns between the junior and senior lines and had his own son enthroned as Emperor Go-Fushimi. At this point, Retired Emperor Kameyama himself interceded with the Kamakura Shogunate, and had the shogun force Go-Fushimi to abdicate, whereupon Go-Nijō ascended to the throne at the age of 15.

However, Go-Nijō died suddenly of illness just a few years later, at the tender age of 23. Having made such a big fuss about restoring the alternation of the throne between the two rival branches of the Imperial family, and in any case not having had time to prepare an heir since nobody expected Go-Nijō's sudden death, the junior line allowed the succession to pass to the next prince in line from the senior line, and Emperor Hanazono ascended the throne.

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