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Emperor Go-Tsuchimikado (14421500), whose reign name literally means "Emperor Earthen Gates the Second," was the 103rd emperor of Japan according to the traditional chronology, reigning from 1464 until his death 1500.

Born Prince Fusahito, Go-Tsuchimikado was the eldest son of the Emperor Go-Hanazono. Go-Tsuchimikado became emperor in 1464 when his father abdicated after nearly 36 years on the throne. Go-Tsuchimikado's reign was marred by the disastrous Ōnin War, in which three warring leagues of shugo warlords battled it out for control of Kyoto for ten long years, in the process burning most of Kyoto and its spectacular mansions, temples, and palaces to the ground. The war diverted attention from the usual political machinations that normally occupied the Imperial Court, and allowed Go-Tsuchimikado to enjoy, at 36 years and 2 months, the longest reign of any Japanese emperor in the historical period prior to the Meiji Emperor at the end of the 1800s.

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