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According to Flaubert's satirical Dictionary of Received Ideas, "The basis of the English language, as Beaumarchais said. Snigger in a superior way."
Also the name of the Gollum character in Bored of the Rings by the Harvard Lampoon. A grey, scaly creature with a cup custard for a face. His mother left him in a twenty-four-hour locker in an enchanted forest when he was two. He was raised by kindly rats. He was pinned down by Jap fire in the War; and has an endless supply of knock-knock jokes.

When Frito and Spam encounter him before the Ngaio Marsh and ask him what he is doing there, he replies: "Oh, well. Not much. I was just looking for a few old pop bottles to help pay for my sister-in-law's iron lung. Of course, ever since my operation I don't get around like I used to. Guess I'm just unlucky. Funny how life is, up and down, never can tell. Gosh, it sure is cold. I had to pawn my coat to buy plasma for my pet geese."

Got pushed into a tar pit (the Zazu Pits) as ballast for the One Ring.

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