From the musical "Merrily We Roll Along" by Stephen Sondheim. Written to promote the character's play within a play, it eventually becomes a hit single. However, it also chronicles the gradual decay of the friendship that is the focus of the actual musical. The sole piano accompaniment lends a haunting atmosphere to the lyrics that fades away on the last line.

It started out like a song
We started quiet, and slow, with no surprise
And then one morning I woke to realize
We had a good thing going

It's not that nothing went wrong
Some angry moments, of course, but just a few
And only moments, no more, because we knew
We had this good thing going

And if I wanted too much,
Was that such a mistake at the time?
You never wanted enough,
Alright tough, I don't make that a crime

And while it's going along
You take for granted some love will wear away
We took for granted alot, and still I say
It could have kept on growing
Instead of just kept on
We had a good thing going, going, gone.

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