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I need... out... of here. I'm getting this itch, this feeling that I desperately want to claw off my skin, step outside, be someone else. I just feel... too settled, I guess. Too normal. Too alone. Tempting... wake up tomorrow morning in Nepal. Amsterdam. New Orleans. But I don't have the nerve... living in the same spot for 18 out of 19 years leaves ya scared, afraid to run. Afraid... of what, though? That I won't survive? That I'll lose my breath? That this time, the loneliness will be too overwhelming? I'm used to that one by now, though. I'm used to being alone in my head. "Socially antisocial", I always say.

I think I hear the ocean calling me... Waves breaking cyclical on my heart. Just get up and leave, leave, leave... GO I need to get out of here. My bags are packed. I'm ready. But... I'll just wait... one day more.

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