Babylon 5 Season 1, Episode 15. Written by Christy Marx, directed by Richard Compton. Originally aired on July 6, 1994.

Primary Plot: A man in search of the Holy Grail comes aboard B5.

Secondary Plot: A man named Jinxo, who believes he's the curse that caused the first four Babylon stations to fail, runs into trouble with B5's organized crime rackets.

Commentary: The Holy Grail bit is pretty silly, there only give a little background on Minbari religious beliefs. The secondary plot is pretty fun, and it gives quite a bit of information about the history of the first four Babylon stations without making it seem overly forced.

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Grail (?), n. [OF. greel, LL. gradale. See Gradual, n.]

A book of offices in the Roman Catholic Church; a gradual.


T. Warton.

Such as antiphonals, missals, grails, processionals, etc. Strype.


© Webster 1913.

Grail, n. [OF. graal, greal, greet, F. graal, gr?al, LL. gradalis, gradale, prob. derived fr. L. crater bowl, mixing vessel, Gr. krath`r. See Crater.]

A broad, open dish; a chalice; -- only used of the Holy Grail.

⇒The Holy Grail, according to some legends of the Middle Ages, was the cup used by our Savior in dispensing the wine at the last supper; and according to others, the platter on which the paschal lamb was served at the last Passover observed by our Lord. This cup, according to the legend, if appoached by any but a perfectly pure and holy person, would be borne away and vanish from the sight. The quest of the Holy Grail was to be undertaken only by a knight who was perfectly chaste in thought, word, and act.


© Webster 1913.

Grail, n. [F. gr≖le hail, from gres grit, OHG. griex, grioz, G. gries, gravel, grit. See Grit.]

Small particles of earth; gravel.


Lying down upon the sandy grail. Spenser.


© Webster 1913.

Grail (?), n. [Cf. OF. graite slender, F. gr≖te.]

One of the small feathers of a hawk.


© Webster 1913.

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