In Sugar City, Idaho there is an old grain mill. It's not in use any more, you can see broken windows and that it's pretty much run down. There's been an on going debate for some time now whether to tear it down because its an eyesore or keep it because it's a landmark.

I asked a few locals what they thought.

"I think its an eyesore," answered Angelika Gutenberger.

"It is kind of a landmark it because that's how I tell everybody where Sugar City is," said Shellena Eichner.

"At the moment its an eyesore, but I would like it to be a landmark," said Dan Black.

"If we're going to keep it, I feel like we really need to improve it and clean it up," explained Sugar City Mayor Glen Dalling.

Either way it's going to cost the city money they just don't have.

Dalling continued, "Probably 70 to 100 thousand dollars to take it down. Right around 100 to do a minimal cleanup. Which would include windows, smoothing out the surface, and putting a white coat of paint on it."

The mill was built in 1906, and the city took it over in 1999. There's a liability concern because kids have found ways into the mill, climbing the ladder up its steep tower. Whether the tower is fixed or not, it's still stable for at least another hundred years.

Back in 2008, Sugar City requested a grant to fix the tower and the property, but it was denied.

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