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The Grand Cordon of the Kyokujitsu Dôka Daijushô, Grand Imperial Order of the Rising Sun, is the second-highest award that can be bestowed by His Majesty the Emperor of Japan. It consists of a red and white sash 140mm wide, and a badge with a Rising Sun device in the center surrounded by white rays and superimposed over a silver Imperial chrysanthemum device. The highest level of the Grand Cordon includes paulownia flower devices around the perimeter of the badge.

The lower orders of the Rising Sun, in descending level of prestige, are the Gold and Silver Star, Gold Rays Ribbon, Gold Rays Rosette, Gold and Silver Rays, Silver Rays, Green Paulownia, and White Paulownia. The first two hang from the neck: the others are pinned on.

It is awarded to civilians and military personnel, Japanese and foreign. The Grand Cordon is generally only given to royalty, although Douglas MacArthur also received it following the Allied occupation of Japan.

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