Unfortunately, even when a man and woman are completely healthy and make love at exactly the right time, their chances of conceiving a child are about 25%. And beyond that, 1 in 10 pregnancies end in miscarriage before the 12th week. These seemingly depressing facts are something to consider before starting down that rocky road to parenthood.

But there are ways of increasing your chances of conception. According to the American Journal of Public Health, women who drink one and a half cups of Green Tea a day approximately DOUBLE their chances of conception. In addition, you may want to boil up some saffron rice. According to Gourmed.com, Saffron, from the crocus, has recently been found to regulate menstrual cycles, reduce the symptoms of PMS and aid women who are trying to conceive. Of course, conception is a two sided coin. According to babynet.com, men can improve the health of their sperm by increasing their intake of Vitamin C and D and, of course reducing their use of tobacco, alcohol, marijuana and other drugs.

Of course, even without saffron and green tea, there are more mechanical ways to increase your chances of conceiving. Remember, when making love with the intent to conceive, the missionary position is best, preferably with a pillow under the woman’s hips. Folic acid, zinc and other pre-natal vitamins prepare your body for pregnancy and, in a very nice tip…women who have orgasms during intercourse also increase their chances for conception.

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