Gregory's Palisade is an internal frame camping backpack, a versatile mid-to-large selection which is rugged and stable enough for the experienced camper, while convenient-enough for your outdoors greenhorn, at the same time. Originally rated a "best value" in the July 1998 Outside Magazine annual gear guide, it has continually been produced and improved through 2002.

The Palisade features an aircraft grade aluminum frame and a three compartment design, with the main cargo area subdivided, allowing for access from either end of the pack; Alternately, the bottom portion can be used for sleeping bag storage. The anterior compartment is detachable, and doubles as a daypack that can be used while hiking, spelunking, or the like. The third compartment on the back of the pack is sizable, and is designed with nylon straps that allow easy latching of your other outdoor peripherals.

Like most modern packs, the Palisade has both a waist belt and harness, as well as compression straps which allow the wearer to reduce the bulk of his pack's contents.

The storage capacity of the Palisade varies by pack size (which correlates with the wearers' heights). The capacities are as follows1:
  • X-Small - 4000 cu. in.
  • Small - 4550 cu. in.
  • Medium - 4700 cu. in.
  • Large - 5150 cu. in.

I have had my Palisade since 1998, making my decision shortly after reading the aforementioned review. It's more stable and durable than most or all of the others reviewed, and costs sometimes a good $200 less than the other, better-known, similarly-equipped packs, such as Arc'teryx and North Face. After purchasing and using it, I have not been disappointed, either; it is, by far, the most comfortable pack I have worn.

If there is one disadvantage, it would be that the back compartment is not subdivided into two, smaller pockets, which might be a minor annoyance to some users. It has been no issue for me, however -- perhaps I'm not as anal about what gets packed where.

If you're in the market for a pack, do your own research , but certainly consider the Palisade in your hunt; be sure to get properly-fitted, as well, for whichever pack you choose.

More information on the Palisade can be found through Gregory's site:


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