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Even at one win to one, these magnificent fighters were weighing in for their third bout. Paret showed absolute hatred for Griffith by putting his arm around his foe and proudly declaring, "maricón." Griffith found out later this was Spanish slang for homosexual.

During the fight, Griffith had Paret backed into a corner and slugged him with 18 devestating punches before he backed up to allow Paret room to fall. Paret instead came right off the ropes, Ali style, and dropped Griffith with a huge right. Needless to say, Griffith's trainer scolded him badly for backing off before the referee interfered.

In the 12th round, Griffith had Paret in the exact same position. He beat Paret mercilessly until the referee draged him away, still swinging. Paret never regained conciousness and died within 10 days.

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