3 Lobsters. (One lobster for two).

Olive oil or Melted butter


Split each lobster lengthwise and crack the claws. Brush the lobster with the Olive oil or melted butter, be sure and butter the claws to keep them from getting dried out. Sprinkle with mixed salt, pepper and paprika and broil over hot coals until just rosy and soft, broiling about two minutes less on the shell side than the meat side. Be sure not to overbroil. Baste frequently with the basting sauce:

Basting Sauce for Shellfish

½ Clove of garlic
1 tb each of finely minced parsley, onion and chives
2 teaspoons finely minced green celery leaves
¼ pound of sweet butter

Mash ½ clove of garlic in a bowl add the parsley, onion, chives green celery leaves and butter. Mix and brush on the lobster.


Boiled Lobster
Lobster Bellevue
Lobster Biarritz
Lobster Bohemienne
Lobster Cardinal
Lobster Court-Bouillon
Lobster Curry Risotto Crown
Lobster Figaro
Lobster Newburg I
Lobster Newburg II
Lobster Thermidor

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