Guess Who is a romantic comedy movie made by Kevin Rodney Sullivan. Guess Who is rated PG-13, in the US, for sex-related humor. It premiered in theaters on March 25, 2005 with a weekend box office opening of $20,671,446. Guess Who is a remake of the movie, Guess Who is Coming to Dinner, a 1967 Tracy/Hepburn classic. The movie was filmed all over the US though mainly in New Jersey, California, and in New York.

Guess Who is about a father finding out that his daughter has started dating. The only thing her father Percy, played by Bernie Mac, doesn’t know is that Theresa’s boyfriend Simon, played by Ashton Kutcher, is a white man. Theresa, played by Zoe Saldana, needs to find a way for her father to like Simon even though he is white. Theresa tries to help Percy to understand that Simon is a high-quality person and that he can be trusted. When Percy tries to get to know Simon, Simon is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Later on Percy gets into a struggle with his wife Marilyn, Simon steps in and helps Percy get back together with Marilyn by showing him a few dance moves for Percy’s remarriage. At the wedding, Percy finds out that Simon and Theresa were engaged, so at that time he invites Simon into the family.

I truly like this movie because it was funny and shows the truth of some families. There were some parts that I thought were cute that they could have taken out. Otherwise it was decent and I would recommend it to people who like an amusing romantic film.

Guess Who
Released: 2005 Rated: PG-13 (US)
Bernie Mac - Percy Jones
Ashton Kutcher - Simon Green
Zoe Saldana - Theresa Jones
Judith Scott - Marilyn Jones
Hal Williams - Howard Jones
Kellee Stewart - Keisha Jones
Kevin Rodney Sullivan – Director
David Ronn - Writer and Producer

sources include: imdb and Yahoo! Movies

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