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In the interest of public safety, the Israeli government has issued a set of guidelines to allow the public to spot suicide bombers. The pamphlet called "Only Together Will We Stop the Terror" also contains tips on what to do should you spot a possible bomber.

The list of things to look out for includes:

  • Wearing unseasonable warm clothing (i.e. trenchcoats, etc.)
  • Protruding bulges under their clothing
  • Persons who are sweating, mumbling, or fidgeting
  • Persons that are trying to avoid security personnel
  • Persons that are young who are trying to fit into crowds that they would not usually belong with
The pamphlet says that if you suspect a person to be a suicide bomber that you should stay calm, contact the police and follow the bomber from a safe distance. The first two ideas I am right with, but following a person who quite possibly has dynamite strapped to their bodies and a desire to use it, does not seem the wisest course of action.

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