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Guilford College is one of the oldest colleges in Greensboro North Carolina. It was chartered in 1834 and opened in 1937 as the New Garden Boarding School by Quakers who had settled in the Greater Greensboro Area during the 1750's. During the civil war the campus was a center of resistance to Confederate conscription and requisitioning efforts as well as a station on the Underground Railroad. Its long and interesting history makes Guilford College one of the few colleges in the US of A whose campus is also a historical district

The normal curriculum is 4 years of liberal arts with 40ish academic majors

The campus is about 300 acres, heavily wooded with mostly Georgian architecture

The 2002-2003 school year will be the first to include the brand new and super spiffy Early College. The Early College holds highschool classes for lowerclassmen on campus, while upperclassmen are enrolled as college students and can take any of the offered classes.

Yup, that's right, 2 years of exciting, quality, and private college for free; paid for by the state government of North Carolina. If you've always wanted to enroll in college before you can legally drive, here's your chance.

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