A fantastic tool for learning to play music on the guitar using basic tabs.

The main attraction of this program lies in its ability to play back a tab in midi format. This may not be terribly exciting to listen to, but it is a huge advantage to have when learning a song. With Guitar Pro, you can change the key a song is played in, as well as alter the tempo of the song to a pace that best suits you. This is especially useful when learning ridiculously fast guitar solos.

Once users create tabs in the program’s specific format, they can post them on Guitar Pro websites, or send them directly to other users. There are actually many sites dedicated to sharing Guitar Pro tabs, where other users can rate the quality of submitted tabs. Many users also compose and distribute their original work using Guitar Pro.

If you are serious about learning to play guitar, or already play and would like to improve your skills, I recommend trying at least the demo version of Guitar Pro.

Note: I have no actual relationship with Guitar Pro, or any of its affiliates. I say this because I've just realized this write up sounds suspiciously like an advertisement.

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