There are many ways to adjust your guitar to give it the sound you want, but these are the methods I use.

This depends on if you are playing rythm or solo guitar. If you are playing solo, you might want to adjust the equalizer on the amplifier and on the guitar so that you have a sound that easily gives you the ability to make harmonics without too much concentration and delay. This is done using much (not too much) treble, while using a pickup as much to the right as possible. If you have one, using a humbucker is a good idea.

Heavy rhythm guitars are often confused with the bass, since both instruments have such a dark sound. This makes it important to tune the sound so that the guitar don’t fade away behind all the other instruments. In addition to the dark tones that are building the foundation of the guitar-sound, use some treble, while adding some reverb.

In various types of metal, like death and black, having a dark and powerful sound is often important. This can be done by using drop d tuning. Another method is to use the rightmost pickup/humbucker, after adjusting it so that it is as close to the strings as possible.

I experimented with using a bass-string on my guitar, and the sound was great, but the problem is that I am not a bass-player, so the size of the string became too annoying for me. You should also be careful with using bass-strings, since they require stricter tightening. If you happened to use a cheap or old guitar, the string might bend the neck, or even snap the bridge off.

Sometimes you might want a bit more noisy sound from your guitar. I do this by using a coin instead of a guitar-pick. Beware that the strings will probably not love you as much afterwards.

If you have any methods that should be here, let me know

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